Hymns of a Forgotten Homeland

by Twilight Fauna

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Nicholas Trandahl
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Nicholas Trandahl When I listen to US Black Metal, I hear different regional qualities. This amazing record is seasoned and flavored with the woods, rivers and slopes of Appalachia and it's written in each note. 'Hymns of the Forgotten Homeland' is an amazing atmospheric US Black Metal record full of history and flavor. Favorite track: Of River Willows.
D. R.
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D. R. I have followed this project for some time and Paul still, with each recording, continues to amaze me. This album is a glimpse into the directions Paul is heading. He truly pays homage to his homelands in Appalachia. The music itself is extremely creative, forging its own sound separate from much of the modern 'atmospheric black metal' and its storytelling inspired by much of the traditional music of his region.
Wonderbox Metal
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Wonderbox Metal Enjoy a private journey through the natural world.

Read a review here - wp.me/p3zRmN-1PF Favorite track: The Wind Chimes through the Trees.
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@CelticFrosty Hymns is as much a document as it is a personal lament from Ravenwood, whose emotionally raw, unique vocals seep through the thick fog of the guitar like a lonely, wandering specter in the woods. The music here feels as old as the mountains themselves. It’s an earthy, folk-infused, southern-tinged play on lo-fi US black metal that could be called a cousin of Panopticon’s latest ventures into similar territory with Kentucky and Roads to the North. Favorite track: Of River Willows.
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Vinyl copies still available from Fragile Branch recordings at fragilebranch.com?product=twilight-fauna-hymns-of-a-forgotten-homeland-lp
Or Sick Man Getting Sick in Europe: sickmangettingsickrecords.tictail.com/product/twilight-fauna-hymns-of-a-forgotten-homeland-lp

This album is dedicated to the people and forests of Appalachia, the place that I will always call home. I wanted to paint a picture of the many facets of life in rural Appalachia. I did not censor myself so everything is there, from the beauty of the natural environment to the Appalachian people who contain the potential to be both courageous and self-destructive. This place made me who I am and for that I am eternally grateful.

Black Metal and Brews: "In addition to the swirling turmoil of guitars and earthen emotion that make for Ravenwood’s uniquely Appalachian sound, there are strong elements of traditional regional folk and even a hint of southern rock that creep in to make this record familiar for fans of Twilight Fauna while still carving out entirely new territory...Twilight Fauna’s growing name and the label’s reputation for pure quality leave me certain that this is worth grabbing sooner than later.

Lachryma Christi: "Hymns of a Forgotten Homeland is one of those things that you have to experience, it is very difficult to put into words, so strange and genius it is."

Intravenous Magazine: "Sitting somewhere between neofolk and post-depressive black metal. Its a combination that is dark and abrasive yet strangely hypnotic."

Unappreciated Scholars: "This will change your perception of music from the Appalachian Mountains."

This Noise is Ours: "Most people are used to black metal being loud and raw but it’s not all about that here. Twilight Fauna seems to have transcended that and moved on with Ravenwood’s influence taking more of a controlling seat. Metal’s many sub-genres need progressions and experimentation and black metal is no different. Here, Twilight Fauna has created a record full of emotion and genuine inspiration. One that, without being elitist or obtuse, gives the listener something that they’ve perhaps been missing."


released July 15, 2014

All instruments, vocals, recording, mixing, and mastering by Ravenwood. Sarah Ogan Gunning sample taken from the documentary Dreadful Memories: The Life of Sarah Ogan Gunning courtesy of Appalshop Inc. Whitesburg Ky. All other samples taken by Ravenwood in the mountains of Tennessee. Released by Fragile Branch Records.



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Twilight Fauna Johnson City, Tennessee

Twilight Fauna is an atmospheric metal project devoted to telling the stories of Appalachia. These are deeply personal songs about myself and my home.

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Track Name: Coming Home (A Wilted Harvest)
A pilgrimage made over stone
under valleys of pine and oak
feel the remnants of a people once proud
a wilted harvest grows over bones

This land that I love is overcome with sorrow
murdered by its own forgotten peoples
orphans in a world time long passed by

Enter the old hills of ghosts
frozen in a time long ago
this wilted harvest is what I call my home
Track Name: Baying in the Hills
Howls pierce the mist
a chill in the predawn air
await the rising sun
under the starlit sky

It wasn’t about destruction
it was about survival
now an antiquated tradition,
a forgotten memory of a time long past

As memory fades to twilight
The hounds still bay under the pines
A long forgotten echo of the night

Cries in the mist
Track Name: An Autumn Longing
The fog rolls through the hills
gliding over the stream
under southern skies
I yearn for

Memories stolen from a mind
longing for old dreams
under autumn skies
I yearn for
Track Name: Roots Stained by Time
Walk the hills at twilight, under grey skies
mark the passage of time, generation by generation
waiting to die

In the hollows, covered in pines
hidden from sight, morning air stays cold
as the sun refuses to rise
so we kneel, sinking into clay
stained by roots fortified by time

Streams cut through the fields, the pulse of the mountain side
the still sits empty, a shrine to a modern empty life
bear witness to roots stained by time

arise, wash the dirt from your face, wake with the rising sun
spread your roots, clean your roots, cut your roots, cut your roots
Track Name: The Wind Chimes through the Trees
The absence of time, an apparition

Mid-July as the seasons pass
think back to a lost time
of years long past
knowing you will be alone
the last remnant of your kind

Scraping by living for the night
living in dreams, a frightened existence
needing hope, fading hope
under twilight sign
rust is eating the nails of my life
my life is gone
the barn is gone
my life is gone
my time is gone
Track Name: Of River Willows
The rise and fall of the river
stirs fellowship with the world
wild waters, whispering willows,
tireless wind and a scream in the moonlight
man needs isolation to be one with the earth

White light on gleaming sand
a wild yearning where the willows stand
water more musical than comprehension
an elemental tune
the sight a revelation of nature
the only honest truth

Drifting down, watching the shore
feels like I’m coming home
I know it’s only a memory
when I go back now it’s all gone
stolen from my ancestors
that cared for this land
I know it’s only a memory
when I go back now it’s all gone

Drifting down, watching the shore
feels like I’m coming home